An honest guide and examination into Ampheta-CDP’s active ingredients, its side effects and results and whether or not this is a worth over the counter alternative to adderall.

OTC Adderall Substitute

Addtabz was developed by Gentech Labs and Pharmaceutical to help ease daily struggles and stresses and focus issues so common today. It is a legal, over the counter, natural alternative to common prescription medications that carry negative side effects, huge price tags and limited availability. People suffering from attention problems, concentration issues, energy and focus troubles and many other mental health issues can benefit greatly from this product. Today’s society is extremely competitive and demanding and getting on a level playing field or gaining the edge on your competition has huge implications.

If you are someone that could benefit from better mental energy and well being, increased concentration and discipline and more productive effort, this may be a wonderful supplement for you. Many consumers and customer have been leaving rave reviews and accolades for this product and it continues to prove itself as one of the better natural OTC brain supplements out there.

Using a proprietary formula carefully researched and developed these pills promise increased mental productivity and edge. To help you learn more about this supplement, we have constructed a small write-up below containing answers to some of the more frequently asked questions we have gathered from visitors, such as “Does it actually work?”, “What are the side effects?” and “Where can I buy it?“.

Do They Really Work or is it another Scam Pill?

customer reviews The most obvious question a person can ask when doing their due diligence on a new supplement is, do these pills really work or is it yet another scam in bottle? So many products in this type of market prey on consumers desperation and need for results. They will throw a few cheap ingredients together mark it up in price and make a hefty profit.

As seen and collected in various unbiased evaluation, Addtabz do work on the benefits marketed. Each person will react differently depending on their susceptibility to the mechanisms in which it influences the chemistry of the individual and their tolerance to the various components, but the consensus is that it is a true player in the over the counter smart drug market.

Keep realistic expectations, follow the dose schedule provided and combine it with a realistic and healthy life style and you are sure to see some great results with this product.

Active and Main Ingredients (Ampheta-CDP)

active ingredients Addtabz’s ingredients and active complex is made of a proprietary blend Gentech calls “Ampheta-CDP” This is a mixture of different substances engineered and formulated together in specific amounts to provide the strong and longer lasting effect noted of the product. They have carefully research what provides the results requested and put together a solid active ingredient profile into their pills.

Some of the main ingredients that work together to make up Ampheta CDP are:

Methylhexaneamine – It goes by several names such as DMAA and is an extremely popular substance found in various top supplements and products. It is a central nervous system stimulant and activator and has strong links to improving concentration, focus, discipline, energy and mental well-being (positive mood)

Choline-CDP – More commonly called Citicoline, it is a thoroughly researched and investigated ingredient that influences specific neurotransmitters that influence mood and cognitive function / health.

Octopamine – Studied for its ability to influence phosphatidycholine in humans, consumers of this substance report increases to various brain and mental functions such as those promised by this product.

There are other components such as caffeine which work with the above to more fully active and benefit the other ingredients. For more information on Addtabz ingredients feel free to contact me.

Consumer Testimonials and Feedback:

One of the best ways to figure out if this is the right supplement for you, is to study unbiased customer addtabz reviews and commentary. The product has become extremely popular amongst blue collar workers and especially university / college for its positive effects to work productivity, and there are quite a few write-up from its users online.

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We are collecting and publishing the various user critiques we find across the internet on this site. Use these to related to people in similar situations to you and figure out if it is indeed an investment or a potential unneeded expense.

If you have tried the product we hope you will take some time to send us in your own review of addtabz to help other visitors make a more informed purchasing decision.

Newest Customer Review Submitted:

I will be honest here, I suffer from serious problems with paying attention, staying focused, following rules, being calm, etc. Like many others, I have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). For a long time my doctors have told me that if I want to improve, I could start taking Vyvanse or Adderall which are common stimulant ADHD meds that contain strong chemicals (amphetamines), but I’ve never liked that idea …

I only considered it a while ago when the symptoms were badly interfering with everyday life. But I was worried about having withdrawals too, so I finally started looking into other herb or supplement options. After trying different mind-enhancing, “focus and attention” type products, a friend from university suggested I try his supplement of choice, add tabz, so I bought a bottle. He was convinced it would be what I was looking for: something strong but not addictive that works. Other products, profiderall and addieup, were alright but required extra doses to stay potent.

One review (Focus Factor vs. Addtabz vs. Profiderall vs. Addieup) explained that a chemical in Ampheta HCL or CDP or whatever the formula is called, DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine), is why it has such a kick and feels stronger than the others.

After taking this otc supplement, it was such a relief to be able to stay focused and on track! Finally I found something that’s potent and strong enough to hold my attention … but unfortunately, now I’m concerned that it might be removed from shelves due to the controversial DMAA content. I know it’s a pretty powerful ingredient, but seriously, why should something be banned if it actually works?… so I’ll be stocking up now and if you’re thinking of ordering it, my advice is that now is better than later.

Then again, I could start gradually alternating my addtabz dose with the most similar product, addieup, to help replace it because addieup also gave me a strong and steady effect. It’s not as intense but is nonetheless a solid fitness supplement. With these pills there is a real surge of focus and attention that kicks in quicker whereas with when taking the addieup, I found the effects more cumulative over time, so it still worked in the long term to heighten my self-awareness enough to stay alert and attentive.

Hope you enjoyed my contribution to the recent debate over these supplements. Of course, everyone is bound to have their own unique response (there are lots of different opinions online about nootropics / smart drugs), and whereas some people weren’t a fan of the buzz you get from Gentech’s strong alternative, they have the right to try a more moderate approach at first. I liked it best though and hope it’s here to stay!

Compare vs Adderall & Vyvanse

adderall vs addtabz Many visitors have found the site looking for a solid comparison of Vyvanse / Adderall vs Addtabz as of late. This is probably due to the fact that Gentech promotes its product as a safe and legal over the counter alternative to Vyvanse (similar from the same makers) and Adderall prescription medication. I understand the confusion as Adderall and Adderall XR are extremely potent prescription medications and Gentech’s pill is available without a doctor’s approval (They do have Addtabz RX a prescription based formula though)

The truth here is that they are all very different. The prescription medications are very strong brain dopamine influencers and stimulants whereas Addtabz doses contain a more natural ingredient profile strategy combined. It works in various ways to influence a person’s body and brain in a smoother healthier way. Producing less negative side effects, long term damage and chemical dependence than the prescription medications.

Compare versus Profiderall, Addieup, AdderRX, Addrena, etc…

Besides the comparison request to popular medications like Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine) and similar ADHD medications, consumers are also looking to compare similar products to find the best over the counter study supplement. There are several popular options and they all have different active ingredients but generally work in the same way. In my experience Addtabz compares favorably against the other popular OTC pills, with reports of more pronounced and longer lasting positive effects with fewer side effects and a good price value.

Compare vs Profiderall

Profiderall is a popular OTC supplement marketed as a ‘Cognitive energy’ enhancer and focus / concentration aid. It contains a different yet similar ingredient profile although reports I have read state that is not as good of value nor performance as Gentech Pharmaceuticals OTC focus supplement. For a customer report detailing preferences of Profiderall vs Addtabz follow the link.

Compare vs Addrena

Addrena is gaining in popularity due to a large advertising push and is promoted as a more natural approach to attention deficit supplementation then prescription medications commonly prescribed to diagnosed patients. Follow the link for a user’s evaluation of Addtabz vs Addrena and the pros and cons of each.

Compare vs AdderRX

Rather new compared to the others, AdderRX has been gaining some interest, particularly amongst office workers and full time students. It’s company describes it as and Adderall Replacement once again, trying to take advantage of the growing demand and interest in this prescription medication for performance. For a more in-depth look see this comparison of Addtabz vs AdderRX from a visitor that has tried both of them.

Compare vs AddieUP

Addieup is a solid little product of really healthy ingredients shown to promote or influence mental functioning over time. It isn’t as strong nor as long lasting in the short term, but may be a healthy long term approach for overall mental wellbeing. A customer details differences of Addtabz vs Addieup here if you are interested in the differences of both. Appetite Suppression & Addtabz Weight Loss

Weight Loss & Appetite Suppression

addtabz weight loss Either a positive benefit or a negative side effect will be up to the user, but I have seen some comments from buyers that state they experience weight loss on Addtabz and some appetite suppression.

The product is not designed for this but the ingredients and its effects make sense that a user would lose weight. The CNS stimulants are known to decrease appetite and metabolism resulting in fewer calories eaten and more consumed. Additionally the focus and energy benefits of the product will result in hard and more concentrated work, faster pace and more thorough work done physically creating greater calorie burn in regular physical activity or more energized workouts.

Where to Buy Addtabz Online & Cheapest Prices

Where to buy online A very good question you frugal visitors! Why spend a dime more than you have to on this product when you don’t have to. The product is fairly standardly priced and they don’t run promotions or deals very often from what I’ve seen but I have setup a web crawler to scan for and deals daily (which will be found through the web link below)

There are a couple of resellers at the current time online but every time I’ve looked at the best place and where to buy Addtabz cheap, directly from the manufacturer has always been the case. Note that you will get a discount and shipping benefits as your order increases, so if you are already a happy customer or confident in this product, you will save cash by buying future supply in advance. Purchasing directly from the maker online also ensure the freshest and best quality product, service and pricing. See the link below for the cheapest pricing as discovered by the web crawler in the last 24 hours.

Can I purchase in Stores like CVS, Walmart, Rite-Aid, Walgreens and GNC?

Purchase addtabz in stores Being a supplement and health junkie I have discovered that online ordering provides the best deal in 95% of cases in the health and supplement industry. Retail stores buy from the manufacturer and mark up the price to make a larger profit and sometimes the difference is just crazy. Alas not everyone like to order online and are looking for Addtabz in retail stores.

There are still very few physical locations carrying the product as it is a relatively new and more underground product than some of the big brand name nutraceutical and supplement giants, but we do expect this to chance. Products like this eventually do show up at places like GNC, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid and the like but currently I was unable to find them locally in my city.

We will continue to monitor this and prices and deals online to provide you with the cheapest and best source to purchase these pills. You can check out the link below to be redirected to the currently lowest priced official retailer to order this product.