Phen375 Review – Over The Counter Phentermine 375

About Phentermine 375

Phentemine 375 is the most used over-the-counter phentermine choice. It was developed to help you suppress your desire to eat and burn fat faster, so you are not only eating fewer calories each day, but burning them away faster. While the diet pills will be able to help you lose weight without modifications to diet and exercise, it is suggested to integrate these into your regimen at the same time to actually get the finest results.

Does OTC Phentermine Work?

It’s hard to learn what to trust when you are researching for if the over-the-counter phentermine alternatives that are legal really do work. There are a number of enthusiastic customer evaluations, but there are also sites that will be warning never to be duped into handing the over your money calling it a fraud and a scam. From our research on results from consumers, they can expect to lose two to four pounds each week. In several circumstances we found users additionally included a well-balanced diet, usually those supplied in the Phen375 planned diet programs, and working out.

Dosage of Phen375

This fat loss tablet was fashioned for individuals 18 years and older. Here are a few details, if you’re wondering how many pills a day to take or the best way to take people. For maximum weight loss, take one pill in the morning and then another right before lunch, rather with a full glass of water and about 20 minutes before eating. It is best not to take many more than what they recommend together as there are issues, such as lots of stimulants in there that may give off unwanted side effects. Also, taking the diet pills like this will make the appetite suppression last longer throughout the day. Many people even consider their second tablet later in the afternoon so it functions into the evening. This will avoid the issues that may arise from upping the dosage all at once. If you try this option, beware of the chance for the stimulants to prevent you from drifting off to sleep when you go to bed.


Using Phen375 for bodybuilding is popular because of the Phentemine 375 method having a distinctive blend of ingredients that will not only help lose fat, but help build muscle. The energy boost that it gives is another reason why bodybuilders love using fat burners like this.

Before and After Photos

Many individuals are sharing their success with their weight reduction by sharing Phen375 before and after pictures. There are many of these consumer reviews and photos to demonstrate that it actually works. The Phen375 official site has a bunch of great pictures with reviews you can check out.

Phen 375 Side Effects

This over-the-counter phentermine comes with less noted side effects than Phentermine or any of the others that require a prescription from a doctor. The website claims that users shouldn’t experience any side effects. However, we discovered from reading customer reviews that this isn’t completely true. Due to the diet supplement’s stimulant effect, customers might encounter an increase in jitteriness and heart rate or blood pressure. With respect to the time of day you are taking Phentemine 375 you can also experience some sleep problems.

FDA Regulations

Phen 375 is made in an FDA approved facility. The US Food and Drug Administration certify products like this are being produced in factories that are following Good Manufacturing Processes. They have also accepted all of the personal ingredients present in phentermine 375 as FDA approved ingredients. Nonetheless, as a result of the number of food supplements out there and Phen375 being a nutritional supplement, the US Food and Drug Administration would have a very difficult time attempting to validate the claims all that these businesses are producing about their nutritional supplements. Consequently, you will see that all these items say the FDA has not evaluated their claims. It is necessary to do your own research on these items and consult your doctor to see if it is not dangerous that you take.

Phen375 Guarantee

This diet-pill option comes with a money back guarantee that is pretty exceptional compared to what others offer. You are able to receive a full refund on the purchase price if you take them for a complete month and do not shed any weight; provided that you follow the companies’ meal plan entirely. Make sure that you are documenting your weight loss daily and following all the steps on the page of the Phen375 site that lists the conditions.

Meal Plan

The new options by the Phen375 diet plan:
– Vegetarian Diet Plan
– Male Active Diet Plan
– Male Non Active Diet Plan
– Female Non Active Diet Plan
– Female Active Diet Plan
– Bonus Cellulite Banishing Plan
The strategies are on the official website and show you just what to eat each day of the month as well as some exercise plans. After searching through them, they are rather thorough and the meals are easy but not boring. You don’t see these being provided quite frequently.

Phentemine 375 Ingredients

I will note that as with many health nutritional supplements, there is still lots more investigation that must be done on them to confidently comprehend their total effects. While many haven’t been proven powerful, everybody is different and there’s also much variation to say if they works for you and what the variations are.
The proprietary formulation is called Phentemine 375. It includes some ingredients which make it unique when compared with other weight reduction supplements. Below are the factors featured inside, what the firm says they do, and any information we could dig up confirm or to contradict this. Note that I’m not really qualified to evaluate these components as I don’t have any history in any form of chemistry, pharmacology, or biology. I do nevertheless know how to study educational papers and how to seek information online, so there is that. Take it or leave it.

L Carnitine
– Their statement: Helps to burn existing fat quicker.
– What I found out: Results on this are varied and there is further research that must be done. It is used in the transportation of fatty acids during fat breakdown; therefore there is some science behind it that says it could work.

LongJack Tongkat ALI
– Their statement: Raises hormones to build muscle tissues as well as turns glucose into energy that you are able to burn off more easily.
– What I found out: It’s a blossom, therefore all natural/herbal. Many claim its use for maintaining anabolic hormone profile throughout extreme exercise and weight loss. More investigation needs to be done although I found a study that established significant increases in muscle mass. Note that it has additionally been shown raise sperm quality and to raise sex drive!

Sympathomimetic Amine (Citrus Aurantium)
– Their statement: Speeds up metabolism.
– What I then found out: This is a “sympathetic” nervous system stimulant. Bitter Orange is actually the species classification so it is still another organic/herbal ingredient. It is now common since its effects are similar to ephedra, which has recently been banned from diet supplements.

1, 3, 7-Trimethylxanthine (Caffeine)
– Their statement: Fools your brain into thinking you are full to suppress the desire to eat and also helps burn fat.
– What I then found out: Everyone knows about caffeine. It does have the effects they list; merely they aren’t very powerful on its own. Caffeine has a great synergistic effect when blended with other ingredients.

– Their statement: Helps spread out other ingredients throughout the body to raise their effectiveness.
– What I then found out: It’s the active ingredient in chili peppers; the hot part. Capsaicin improves blood flow and increases body heat, therefore it will help like they say.

Phen375 Review by Customers

We want your critiques, if you have tried Phentemine 375. Here are a few of the customer reviews we’ve received so far and check back to see if we’ve done our own in-house evaluation of the dieting product’s effectivity.

Weight-loss supplement that is great
I am down to 170 lbs that is right where I’d like to be. Phentermine choices were researched by me because I did not want to obtain a prescription for that and found an overwhelming number of reviews for this one. I figured there must be a reason why so many more individuals are using this fat burner when compared with others. From what I can tell is it is because it gets results.
Phen375 reviewed on August 5 by Jim Rayan. Evaluation: 5/5

My Phentermine Substitute
I was approved Phentermine some time past to help me drop some weight and it worked excellent. I was losing about 3 pounds a week. My trouble was over the year after getting Phentermine I was not overly good at keeping my diet up and set the fat straight back on. Instead of going to get a new Phentermine prescription, I replaced it with Phen375, which was cheaper. I’d pretty much the same consequences as with Phentermine.
Phen375 reviewed on August 1 by Rico Ferdinand. Evaluation: 5/5

Strong for an Over the Counter Alternative
I was incredibly impressed with this legal over the counter Phentermine choice.
Phen375 reviewed on July 30 by Howard Smith. Evaluation: 4/5

Phentemine 375 Comparisons

We have selected a few of the popular diet supplements that Phentemine is frequently compared against and made comparisons on them. We try to find out what people like about each and to list the distinctions between them.

Duromine compared to Phen 375

Duromine is a form of slow-release Phentermine. Duromine is actually just the brand name, it includes the drug Phentermine. You’re going to find Rx’s for this in New Zealand and Australia only. From my research it is manufactured here and merely supplied to both of these states.

Phen375 compared to Phentermine

The reason you see the phrase “Phen” in so many diet supplements is that they are attempting to get as near as possible to the controlled drug while keeping it legal for over the counter without prescription. Phentermine has been proven effective in many clinical tests; there has been a lot of research done on it. Phentemine 375 on the other hand is less researched but more easily attainable for the typical person. It also does not have quite the same power of stimulants, so the side effects are less.

Phen375 compared to Phentramin-D

Phentramin D is another well-liked Phentermine replacement option. It hasn’t been about as long as Phen-375 and there’s really a tremendous difference in the total number of folks taking both, but Phentramin D is gaining popularity at a considerably quicker rate. People in critiques are saying they’re receiving similar effects as the other prescription weight loss pill replacements. I’d actually recommend attempting the one that currently has the best bargain and if it does not work, consider attempting the other one. The lowest price is actually Phentramin-D and they both have money back guarantees.

Where to Buy OTC Phentermine 375 in Stores?

We have done the work for you to see if this product may be found in shops, if you are looking for which ones have Phen375 for sale. The places we have assessed are given below. Please tell us in the comments in case you have located it for sale anywhere else!
I could supply you with a quick summation: Phen375 is only accessible from the producer’s official web site, before studying these sections.


If you’re looking for Phen 375 on the web, you won’t be finding it here. Amazon does carry numerous other fat burners, but this is not one of them. It’d be up to the manufacturer to begin selling through Amazon, so it’s not impossible they may decide to later on.


The General Nutrition Corporation (GNC) does carry a substantial variety of weight reduction products. You would expect Phen375 to be sold there, with it being the most famous over the counter supplement by a significant amount. But, you will not. It is not found in GNC.


Wal-Mart stores pretty much sell everything you can picture and diet supplements are no exception. Regrettably, Phen375 is not carried here, although they carry lots of the well-known ones.


The biggest drug retailing chain in America, Walgreens, also does not carry Phentemine 375. Just like all the other stores.


CVS does not carry Phentemine either. You will detect the routine that just the manufacturer distributes out this weight loss capsule, if you have been reading all the shop sections.

Purchasing in Other Countries

Many people from all around the world are trying to purchase Phen375. We have listed some of the typical countries individuals live in that love to buy this product. To save you time, all these nations can purchase on the web site of the maker (it is the only spot to buy).


If you’re looking to buy diet pills online in the UK, you are able to get Phentermine 375 from the official site, they ship to the United Kingdom. There are lots of official sites that say they’re the provider that is for the UK, but then just find you are being redirected to the producer website. They are just trying to make the commission on the sale. Visit the producer site to find out what shipping costs to your place.


Canadians will experience more economical transportation prices as Phen375 comes to Canada to the south from their neighbour, while there’s no Canada provider for this particular Phentermine option. All the elements are authorized in Canada; however you may expect delays at the border. Canadian customs seems to take a long time with supplements.


Similar to Canada, purchasing Phen 375 you will have a cheaper shipping cost, but you have to buy from the manufacturer since there is no Mexico provider. The country has no prohibitions on any of the ingredients so there should be no issue importing into Mexico from the United States.


If you live in Australia Phen375 is legal there. The producer sends to all the small cities as well as all the bigger cities like Melbourne and Sydney. There is no Australia supplier to purchase directly from within the nation.

New Zealand

There is no NZ provider for Phen 375 so the product will send from America when you buy online, similarly to all the other countries.

Where to Order Alternatives to Phentermine?

Lots of people are searching for the best spot to purchase Phen375. We’ve assess all the shops listed above as well as other areas on the internet and the finest Phen375 cost is on the Phen375 official website. This is the direct producer’s site and they offer the right discounts. At the moment if you buy enough it’s on sale for cheap. The Phen375 site guarantees that they offer the best price direct from there, therefore there is not actually any reason to look around.

Phentemine 375 Coupon

Their website has a Phen375 sale operating that you should definitely check out, although we don’t have any coupons for this product that work in August 2014. You will get a fourth for free and they will also cover the transportation, if you buy three bottles now; no coupon needed. Come back before the next purchase is made by you to assess if there happen to be any new coupons released. We are actively looking for them!

Phen 375 Lowest Price

The official site for Phen375 states that you will get Phen375 affordable there. They actually guarantee that it’ll be the lowest cost to purchase it. Accordingly, you should feel safe making your buys straight from them. If you check their official website they really have some good discounts currently on purchasing bottles, like free delivery and a bottle for free when you purchase three.