My Testimonial of Phenrx Diet Pills & Phentermine Alternative

my phenrx review

Alright I ended up buying Phenrx after first reading this webpage’s little frequently asked questions page so I decided it would be nice for me to leave a little summary and my review / experience with Phenrx & Fenphentamine.

I am a 31 year mother of two and I have always carried around an extra bit of weight and with a reunion coming up I decided I wanted to lose a few pounds and slim up to look my best. It’s not that I’m insecure or anything, I am proud of my child bearing body, but who doesn’t want to feel and look their best? The extra energy and vitality sure couldn’t hurt with raising some hyperactive children as well.

After a month I lost about 15 pounds. I know this isn’t extreme but people should have realistic results and not expect miracles from any weight loss supplement.

Pros & Results

Tons of energy and enhanced workouts and focus – I really loved the jolt of energy that these things give you. A lot of the results might just be in the fact that when you are physically active you are actually that much more energetic and burning more calories because of it.

Appetite Suppression – Another awesome side effect I noticed straight away with Phenrx was its appetite suppressing effect. I generally have a big appetite at several predictable times throughout the day and I noticed this wasn’t the case while on Fenphentamine. I used to snack unhealthily while in a rush at these times but its as if I forgot this old habit with the appetite suppressing effects.

No Headaches like other pills – I have tried other popular products like Hydroxycut and Phen375 in the past and they gave me headaches as the stimulant effect started to wear off. I’m not sure if this is a sensitivity on my part to some popular weight loss pill ingredients but I didn’t notice this negative side effect on Phenrx which was awesome.

Cons & Side Effects

Insomnia – Be careful not to take these too late in the day or you might have a hard time falling asleep. This is particularly annoying for a busy mom who needs to get her rest ASAP when the kids are finally sleeping (for a short time ha!)

Jittery & Restless – You really have a spark of energy and a few times it was a bit much. Make sure you are taking your dosage with food as failing to do so made me quite anxious and jittery. I also found myself quite restless and wanting to go go go and not relax while the ingredients were at their peak timing (about 45 minutes afterwards for me)

Pricing & Buying In Stores – I called around and wasn’t able to find anywhere to purchase phenrx in stores and only could get a hold of them online. This is an inconvenience for not wanting to pay shipping fees or wait for the package to arrive. I expect CVS, GNC, Walmart, and those type stores will start carrying them if they continue to get more popular by word of mouth online.

Review Summary

Phenrx really works and I would definitely recommend them again. I don’t have a whole lot of experience to compare them vs similar products I see mentioned on this site like phentermine, phentabz and the like, but I am confident these are a solid contender in the market after seeing the results first hand.