Review of Addtabz as a Natural Herbal Ritalin Alternative

ritalin vs addtabz review Ritalin, the product made from methylphenidate, is the most widely-prescribed drug today used to treat attention deficit conditions, and for many people who have real challenges staying alert and focused, Ritalin provides an invaluable footing for mental clarity. There are also those who do not have a clinical need for the drug, but who use it anyways to improve their concentration. Unfortunately, we now know that Ritalin has its fair share of negative side-effects. Abuse will likely lead to increased dependency and addiction, and even long-term regular use can pose frightening risks to cardiovascular health. These effects are common and well-documented.


Lately there have been some newer non-prescription drugs and supplements that are available over-the-counter and also work to deliver mental alertness and focus-ability arguably on par with the effects of Ritalin. Addtabz, one such product, is a milder stimulant that’s effective due to its nootropic (“smart drug”) ingredients. When you read reviews on Addtabz, there’s a clear consumer preference, so it seems it would be worthwhile to look into the potentials of substituting Ritalin dependency for something else potent enough to work yet less threatening.

Ritalin is still a powerful stimulant and I would not suggest anyone change their medication without approval from a doctor first. Ampheta-CDP does not contain methylphenidate, but based on the manufacturer’s website, it is made up of cognitive-enhancing ingredients that also support attentiveness without the negative side-effects. It may be a more moderate stimulant, but Addtabz customers still point to how it’s helping them stay focused and sustain energy.

As to whether Addtabz is legal to puchase and safe, it’s over-the-counter, so yes, it’s legal, and for many people, it could be a safer natural herbal alternative to methylphenidate as many studies document it to be less dangerous than this chemical. Again, it’s still important to talk to a doctor before changing a treatment routine or beginning a new one. With stimulant nootropics, the nervous system is similarly activated and ideally you would need to be in good overall health and free from any serious medical challenges because components like caffeine and DMAA are very potent. This product is often praised as enhancing overall capabilities and functioning. It might work for you, and you don’t know until you try.

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