Customer Testimonial on Addtabz vs Vyvanse

Vyvanse vs Addtabz reviews For a while I’ve had difficulty getting to sleep and also trouble focusing. I recently saw my doctor about it again, and he suggested a drug that I didn’t even know existed, Vyvanse? He was in the middle of writing me a prescription for it but I had to stop him because I wanted to look into it myself. Instead of just jumping ahead and taking this Vyvance without thinking about it … I’d heard of another drug too that’s apparently a safer alternative to Adderall and other prescriptions.

After reading more about Vyvance I think I’d rather not risk getting dependent on something that’s basically a synthetic version of an illegal drug (speed) from what I can tell. Sure it might be useful for someone and keep many people able to function daily. I’m not judging! Just for me I’m wary about having intense side-effects after reading some of the postings about how others, who maybe weren’t as suited to the drugs, got seriously addicted or ended up going through some really uncomfortable side-effects because of them.

So back to what I heard about this herbal alternative to Adderall. There’s people writing that Addtabz is not so risky in terms of side-effects and it’s definitely legal because you can buy it at a pharmacy. Some people even recommended that I try Addtabz before Vyvanse as a different approach just to see how it goes because apparently it’s as effective in stimulating mental alertness. Since I haven’t actually taken powerful “upper” drugs like Vyvanse or Ritalin yet, it won’t be as dangerous to go straight to a milder alternative (not like coming off of speed and drinking some green tea instead!) So for me the answer is obvious that I should try Addtabz first. Why would I blindly follow my doctor when there’s so many choices out there and he gets money to write every prescription. There are alternatives that are less like street drugs and more like health supplements!

I’ve read peoples’ opinions on Addtabz and will just have to try it for myself so I bought my own bottle. I’d much rather go this route first, over the counter, less side-effects. Based on the testimonials, I have high hopes that it can help with my attention problems if I’m anything like the other people writing the reviews. I prefer these prospects to the more dangerous and addictive “lisdexamfetamine” (Vyvanse).

I’m going to save the link for my post on here and come back to add my own review for Addtabz. First I’ll give it some time to see if it works for me too. I’m not completely sold on it until I see the results, but at the moment it sounds like a viable alternative, and in my opinion so far, it’s worth a try.