Does Ampheta CDP Really work as an ADHD drug Substitute

Customer Addtabz Evaluation As an adult who has suffered for years from ADHD symptoms, I have never actually sought help from a standard physician. I know that visiting the doctor’s office would lead to a proper diagnosis; however, doctors nowadays are also required to prescribe me amphetamine drugs as ADHD treatment. After witnessing what Ritalin and Adderall did to a family member, I am completely opposed to taking any such medications on principle. It’s possible that a doctor would provide me with additional treatment plan suggestions besides just drugs, but I’ve already implemented many alternative approaches into my life on my own and have normally had no trouble managing the symptoms as a result.


I recently started a new job though, and since then (it’s been about four months) have been struggling more than usual to adjust. I often have trouble staying focused and attentive with even minor tasks and this inability to concentrate has become a frustrating issue. I’m always eating healthy and exercising twice a day so I still refuse to change my mind about medications, but a friend of mine kindly suggested there might be something besides medication that’s still effective, for example, a more natural supplement. She could see what was going on, and she’s probably right, so I did a lot of online reading about different products and came across several positive customer evaluations for Addtabz.

In my opinion, Addtabz can enhance focus and concentration on the task at hand, but no one is promising a miracle cure of ADHD. For one thing you’ll have to buy Addtabz online because I haven’t seen it anywhere in local stores although I could be wrong. More importantly, so many of the write-ups on Addtabz paint the picture that it’s this one-of-a-kind extreme health supplement—so powerful that it could be taken off the market any minute (despite being more natural, it’s apparently comparable in potency to prescription-grade drugs like Adderall, a doctor’s version of methamphetamine). I took a regular dosage of Addtabz and it helped me feel very capable of completing tasks with less confusion and complication, but I did still have to put out the intention and make an effort on my own part to shut out background noise. It definitely helps me to get back on my feet again, but I will of course continue to help myself too (and still won’t visit a doctor!). Thanks for reading and best wishes.