Gentech’s Addtabz work for me. Where Can I purchase in Stores?

where to buy addtabz A friend of mine swears by her bottle of Addtabz and has been like that ever since I’ve known her. She’s always in a stellar mood and keeps going on about the way this supplement is responsible for helping her perform better in basically every aspect of her life—exercising, working, studying. She orders Addtabz in bulk to save money, so recently I got to try out a discounted bottle for myself … I was too curious after other friends of hers even told me how impressed they were at the positive change since before she took Addtabz. After trying it, I can understand why my friend loves it so much. I’ve used it for several weeks and now I wish I had an unlimited supply. This is what works for me in Addtabz:

Mood: Just like ADHD meds affect the brain’s “feel good” chemicals (ex. dopamine), there’s something in Addtabz that’s giving me a much more joyful feeling every day that I take it to the point that I feel even mild euphoria. This positive improvement has been obvious to others as my classmates and coworkers pointed it out and seemed grateful I was in a better mood. I was surprised since I didn’t expect any mood-enhancing bonuses from a “smart drug.”

Energy: I had a lot more available energy after taking this natural OTC brain supplement, and it wasn’t jittery energy like with a caffeine buzz. I also didn’t have a crashing feeling or experience extreme highs followed by extreme lows. The energy felt more authentic and sustained compared to other products—not like a roller coaster.

Ability to Focus: My alertness and concentration has improved too. At first I thought I might feel hyperactive and end up being less focused in the long run because of the increased energy, but I was so happy to notice that the extra energy didn’t come at the price of lower concentration. The energy felt authentic, or clean, not so scattered that I couldn’t focus on a task. I just felt solidly alert.

One Task at a Time: This perk was my favorite of all. Most of the time I’m thinking and doing a lot of things at once or thinking about one thing while doing another, and nothing has changed this tendency until now. I was focused enough when using Addtabz to care solely about the task at hand—not thinking about anything else or stopping halfway. It helped me to get things done faster and with less effort, and to be paying 100% attention to what I was doing so it ended up turning out better as my mind was finally not wandering.

So after an experience like this I admit that I want to know where to buy more and why isn’t more available in local stores? Stores I’ve tried throughout my city don’t know about Addtabz. I could find out from my friend how she gets it online but I would prefer not to use a credit card or wait for it to come in the mail. I see big potential for this product when the word starts to get out more.