Customer Ampheta-CDP Review – Pros and Cons



Does it Work

9.5 /10


9.5 /10

Side Effects

9.5 /10

Price vs Value

9.5 /10

Support & Shipping

9.5 /10


  • Gave me lightning focus
  • Helps with studying
  • No bad side effects


  • Could be cheaper
  • Started needing to take with coffee
  • shipping was slow one order

Ampheta CDP Reviews For almost five weeks I have been taking a supplement for enhanced mental capacity called Addtabz. I realized it might be beneficial to other people if I compiled an authentic review on my experiences so far with Ampheta-CDP, the main ingredient in the Addtabz blend. Has it succeeded in helping me think clearly, pay attention, and function smoothly?

Firstly, I find it surprising that people explain Addtabz as a non-prescription and natural replacement for ADHD medication! Such medications are undoubtedly more hard-hitting than anything OTC; they stimulate chemicals in the brain such as noradrenaline and dopamine to intensify neuro-capacity. Products like Addtabz do impact the same areas of the brain, but it’s crucial to clear up that confusion: for anyone out there under the impression that Addtabz will directly replace Ritalin, Adderall, or Vyvanse (common medications for ADHD), this is only someone’s suggestion and not a validated claim.

Getting back to the point I’d like to make: Does Ampheta-CDP increase focus-ability, mental clarity, and alertness? After trying Addtabz, I did experience a noticeable enhancement of mental clarity and the capacity to fit more into a day than usual. After about three weeks, my productivity declined somewhat. I still felt alert and focused, but there was less strength of energy. I’m thinking there’s a good possibility that I built up a tolerance to the drug, so maybe I need to think about taking Addtabz as an extra boost rather than on an everyday basis unless I really need it. Also, friends and coworkers didn’t say anything about me acting different, so that’s either a pro or a con depending on your perspective. I wouldn’t deny that Addtabz gave me the ability to complete more activities with less exertion and less drain emotionally and mentally.

If I saw that a friend of mine needed help and could use a boost at work or school, yes, I would probably recommend they purchase Addtabz if he / she was interested. For someone who needs constant focus and concentration with studying or crucial work tasks, I can see how they would benefit from more regular use of Addtabz. Using them every day, however, could become expensive unless you have the money because they’re aren’t cheap supplements. I support their intermittent use on an as-needed basis and I think a lot of people stand to gain a mental edge this way, but personally I intend to avoid depending solely on smart drug blends for these qualities.