Review Comparing Addtabz vs Addieup vs Profiderall

Reviewing addieup vs addtabz I will be honest here, I suffer from serious problems with paying attention, staying focused, following rules, being calm, etc. Like many others, I have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). For a long time my doctors have told me that if I want to improve, I could start taking Vyvanse or Adderall which are common stimulant ADHD meds that contain strong chemicals (amphetamines), but I’ve never liked that idea … I only considered it a while ago when the symptoms were badly interfering with everyday life. But I was worried about having withdrawals too, so I finally started looking into other herb or supplement options. After trying different mind-enhancing, “focus and attention” type products, a friend from university suggested I try his herbal over the counter supplement of choice, addtabz, so I bought a bottle. He was convinced it would be what I was looking for: something strong but not addictive that works. Other products, profiderall and addieup, were alright but required extra doses to stay potent. One testimonial (Focus Factor vs. Addtabz vs. Profiderall vs. Addieup) explained that a chemical in addtabz, DMAA (dimethylamylamine), is why it has such a kick and feels stronger than the others.

After taking Addtabz, it was such a relief to be able to stay focused and on track! Finally I found something that’s potent and strong enough to hold my attention … but unfortunately, now I’m concerned that it might be removed from shelves due to the controversial DMAA content. I know it’s a pretty powerful ingredient, but seriously, why should something be banned if it actually works?… so I’ll be stocking up now and if you’re thinking of ordering it online, my advice is that now is better than later.

Then again, I could start gradually alternating my addtabz dose with the most similar product, addieup, to help replace it because addieup also gave me a strong and steady effect. It’s not as intense but is nonetheless a solid fitness supplement. With addtabz there is a real surge of focus and attention that kicks in quicker whereas with when taking the addieup, I found the effects more cumulative over time, so it still worked in the long term to heighten my self-awareness enough to stay alert and attentive.

Hope you enjoyed my contribution to the recent debate over these supplements. Of course, everyone is bound to have their own unique response (there are lots of different opinions online about nootropics / smart drugs), and whereas some people weren’t a fan of the buzz you get from addtabz, they have the right to try a more moderate approach at first. I liked it best though and hope it’s here to stay!