Reviewing Addtabz as a Natural Herbal Vyvanse Replacement

Adderall alternative addtabz If you’ve never heard of Vyvanse, it’s a new drug being prescribed to children and adults suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Vyvanse is purportedly different from other stimulants medications that are composed of the same chemical, amphetamine, in that Vyvanse composition prevents it from being an easy target for drug abuse. This phenomenon is possible via Vyvanse’s ability to remain initially subdued or dormant in the system before the amphetamine compound becomes active. Readily accessible amphetamine has led many people down dangerous paths because once it’s easy to uptake in the body, people buy and sell this drug on the black market and this had led to an illegal and destructive drug crisis.

Vyvanse may have potential in that it’s not as tempting for someone looking to abuse drugs (you can’t get such a rapid high from ingesting it); however this newer product is not immune to the many health dangers, dependency concerns, and detrimental side-effects of any amphetamine-based medication.
There is a high demand for a milder, less addictive, and more natural alternative to Vyvanse just as there is to Ritalin or Adderall. Addtabz, a nootropic drug, aims to offer people that choice by providing an effective over-the-counter (OTC) substitute to more addictive prescription drugs.

Should people consider the Addtabz blend as an OTC supplement instead of Vyvanse? Numerous consumer reports for Addtabz from customers state that they experienced higher capacities for attentiveness and concentration when using the blend. Although this nootropic, for many people, will not be as strong as doctor-prescribed medications they’re accustomed to taking, if the results are adequate, it’s worth considering. Users of Addtabz also noted better ability to focus and complete tasks requiring strenuous mental application. When weighed against the price and hassle of obtaining either illegal or prescription drugs (or even illegal prescriptions as unfortunately many desperate students and professionals alike have done in the hopes of achieving more and making their mark), Addtabz is relatively cheap. Such tragic addictive behavior points strongly towards a more reasonable, moderated approach that is legal and better for your health.

Nootropics are not as dangerous as their more addictive counter-parts because these “smart drugs” take advantage of natural stimulant properties that are essential to better health while staying alert and augmenting energy. Addtabz reviews consistently state that this comparatively milder drug helps them improve the same mental feats that prescription medications aim to rectify.

My best advice is to be open to all possibilities and learn the differences for yourself: what are the components? How do they work? Is it convenient for you? I’ll provide a link to the official website where you can be sure to find additional material and testimonials like those I’ve read. I believe it’s also possible to buy Addtabz in stores. It’s reassuring to know there’s now an over-the-counter alternative that also increases mental capacity.