Customer Reviews Addtabz vs Profiderall

Profiderall vs Addtabz Review The emergence of smart drugs (a.k.a. nootropics) into the health and fitness market within the last few years has really captured my attention as a bodybuilder and student. I know what goes into smart drugs because I’ve tried many of the components on their own, but it ends up being way more convenient (and worth the extra cost) to use pre-mixed blends. My biggest question was: which one should I choose? So I set out to identify the best mix for maximum mental stamina that would help me stay alert and focused for a long period of time while working out or studying. I started by comparing Profiderall’s Cognitive Energy Complex with Gentech Pharmaceutical’s Addtabz to see which was the better herbal alternative.

To give you a snapshot of these products, they’re non-prescription compounds with stimulant properties that heighten energy and overall mental alertness. I heard of them through positive reviews on bodybuilding forums and was confident both would deliver.

I purchased one bottle of each and arranged a two-week test period per blend; just enough time to assess the effects, but short enough that my system wouldn’t get too accustomed to either one. I didn’t want any product interference, and I made a conscious effort to remain a neutral observer. After trials with both bottles, I found that:

When using Profiderall, I had a steady increase in energy and focus and there were no side-effects. After about a week though, I noticed my energy was slightly dwindling and my concentration was no longer as effective as it had been. I gave it another day or so, but the effects continued to decrease in strength until I raised the dosage. I realized that they still work, but the tolerance build-up was rapid, so is it really worth it if you have to take extra pills?

With Addtabz, the onset rush of extra energy quickly explained why this one seemed pricier. In the beginning there were minor side-effects attributable to the amount and force of stimulants (it took me longer to fall asleep and I had a slight headache), but my body adapted, these symptoms disappeared, and I experienced a consistent rise in alertness and overall energy. I was noticeably more attentive, primarily when weightlifting, and this feeling lasted the complete two weeks.

In conclusion, which would I choose? Honestly, I preferred Addtabz and found it to be the better blend. It had more of a kick and power like that values highly with me, and of course the effects were more reliable. I’d purchase Addtabz again, but I’ll probably test out some other comparable blends first like Brain Stack and AdderRX or Addieup, then post more reviews to help uncover the year’s most useful nootropics.