ZenRX for Social Anxiety

The following review was submitted to us by one of our community members who has tried some of the other products on our website. ZenRx and it’s proprietary formula Anxiolytic XT are meant to help with anxiety and panic attacks. They are an over the counter product meant to be an alternative to prescriptions like Xanax.

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How ZenRx Helped my Social Anxiety

I’ve suffered from severe social anxiety and panic attacks throughout my life. I’ve been prescribed Xanax but I wasn’t a fan of taking something that had such a high risk of dependence. I also found that while it made me less anxious in social situations, it sometimes made me more impulsive. There was a few times I got myself sick from drinking too much, which is really unlike me to do. Aside from Xanax, I’ve also tried natural Xanax alternatives like L-Theanine and Wu Wei Zi tea. While they both did help, they weren’t nearly as powerful and effective as the Xanax was.
After considering switching back to Xanax, I did some more research online and came across ZenRX. The ZenRX reviews seemed promising. Lots of people reported that ZenRX does work. I bought some online and since taking it, I have found that my heart rate is more relaxed. It always used to beat rather fast due to my anxiety disorder. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. My confidence when out and interacting with people is way up and I don’t seem to have the disinhibition that I felt on Xanax.I’ve been researching where to buy ZenRX for a while now. I haven’t been able to find it in stores like CVS, so I just buy it directly from NexGen BioLabs. The cost might make you think twice about trying this compared to other standalone supplements, but for the results you get, this blend pays for itself. It’s cheaper than Xanax by a longshot and I believe that for the results you get, it is more worth its cost than a prescription medication, not to mention safer due to not have such powerful and addictive medication in it. It’s hard to put a price on your well-being.
ZenRx reviewed by Donald Simmons on June 1. Rating: 5 / 5